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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of reveal I should use?

Generally timber reveals are widely common, especially primed mdf reveal for modern homes. However, hardwood such as meranti is also common for high end homes. At optima we can provide reveal to your choice.


What size reveal do I need?

For brick veneer construction we recommend reveal to be 140mm.

While for Hebel or Foam panel cladding material with timber frame we recommend 120mm reveal size.

Our reveals are 18mm in thickness.


What are the standard size windows?

Please refer to our technical drop down menu for Australian standard size windows. Generally windows in Australia sized based on no. of bricks to maintain overall brick workmanship to a high standard (ie proving full or half brick length consideration in widow height and width)


Do you replace existing doors or windows?

We can certainly measure and build your replacement windows or doors? For installation we will be relying on our contractor and facilitate the job as turn key job on your behalf.


Do you have showroom and selection area?

We have our showroom at Cavan facility, and you are most welcome to visit and enjoy coffee made by Tan (owner/director) while selecting your windows and doors style (Tan makes a great coffee by the way)


How long it takes to order window or door with optima?

Depending upon colour and quantity, overall manufacturing and delivery time may vary. We usually work with 3-4wks turn around time from the order placement with deposit payment.